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Would you  like help choosing a dog?

We'll be happy to help you with the process. We bring years of experience evaluating temperament and behavior, but please remember there is no magic test that guarantees a dog will become a service/assistance/hearing dog.

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Service/Assistance/Hearing Dog Training

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide state-of-the-art training for Service/Assistance, Emotional Support and Hearing Dogs.

One on one training:

We work with you and your own dog towards goals you set. We start with basic behaviors and work up to specialized behaviors that will assist you in daily living. 

Living with a dog that you'd like to train?

An interview followed by an assessment are the first steps if you have a dog that you would like to train to assist you. We'll make a home visit to meet you and your companion to evaluate if your dog has the right temperament, is easily trainable and is happy working with you.

Your commitment

  • To care for a dog in your home

  • To train, and

  • To provide daily exercise for your dog.

  • When necessary, to seek support from family members, friends and/or volunteers.

  • To provide the financial means to provide food, shelter and veterinary care.

  • To maintain these resources for as long as you have your dog.


Service/Assistance/Hearing Dogs may be obtained without charge from some organizations. A trained dog may also be purchased, although the cost is high, ranging from $2,500 to $20,000 or more.

The cost is reduced when you enlist Island Dog's expertise since you will provide the instruction as well as the dog. But it also means you must be willing to share your time, patience and love with this dog. Our current estimated cost for 12 -18 months of training is $2800-$3200.00. This is paid as you go. No "up front" charges are required.

Cost at Island Dog

  • Initial Interview and Consultation                      $60.00


  • Assessment of your dog

               There are 2 parts to the assessment. 

                       ​1. In-home assessment                            $60.00


                        2. Park and Retail store assessment        $60.00


  • Evaluating and selecting a potential, appropriate service animal - $60.00 per hour   

  • Beginning Training 

           Puppy Socialization Group Class (7-one hour classes)    $125.00

           Family Manners Group Class (7- one-hour classes)         $125.00

           Foundations Group Class (7- one-hour classes)               $125.00

           Level C Class (7 - one-hour classes)                                    $125.00

           Home Skill Class ( 7- one-hour classes)                              $125.00

           CGC Class (7 - one-hour classes                                          $125.00

           Additional Group classes may be required prior to advanced skills classes

           One on One Public Access Training $60.00 per hour

           Other options are available if physical limitations prevent you from taking

                        the Group Classes

Home or shelter visits: If total round trip mileage from the Training Center is greater than 15 miles Client will be charged .57 per mile.

We reserve the right to make changes to offered classes at any time.