Excellent help with our specific needs- and I feel like I know how to go forward with training her. Bill W.

I really appreciated the email address to write current issue with our dog. Also, Anna knew what day of the week we had class. She was always very excited to be here. The staff was very attentive to Anna's needs. Keith W.


The entire family has benefited from the positive, loving techniques that we have learned to use with Buddy. What a great gift from Island Dog! Michelle O.

You are wonderful at teaching people and their pets! Love, Love, Love Island Dog and Margie, Kay and Julie! Lydia H.

I continue to be amazed of Margie's and all the assistants' knowledge. Both Roscoe and I learned so much and look forward to continuing with more classes! Glenda H.

We have wonderful clients!

Below are some of their comments.

I've told several friends about Island Dog! Looking forward to Family Manners. Keith & Jennifer J.

We really looked forward to this class. It was much better than a previous class that I took in a different state. You are awesome. Zenda P.

Abby has made so much progress coming to these classes. She is so accepting of others and other animals than ever before. She is doing new things daily. She is actually allowing people to come to my front door and (come in)when I say it's OK. I cannot thank you enough Island Dog! Denise M. 

Fantastic! Jake loves coming to class as well as myself. We will be back! Thank you for all you have done! Michael B.

This has been a great class! I've been to a few other training classes at other institutions and this has been the, by far, the best. Jeff M.

Wonderful class - I learned so much about dog behavior and teaching positive behaviors in a positive way, as usual - a great class. Wendy B.